Pupils arriving at Cromer Road Primary School

Cromer Road Primary School Railings


With the arrival of new security measures at Cromer Road Primary School came the addition of some industrial scale railings.

The brief was to ‘liven up’ the front of the school, hiding the existing railings and creating a more welcoming walk in and out of school.

With a limited budget and an 80-metre length of railing, the idea of individual creatures with their toys journeying to school became an affordable solution.

Each routed motif is secured to the vertical uprights, gradually increasing in numbers in their approach to the main gates.

Pupils, staff, parents and carers attended design workshops which generated lots of imaginative suggestions for the overall theme of the work. Pupils were also invited to help install the artwork.

A dachshund on a skateboard, or a penguin carrying a chess piece now welcome pupils and parents to school, energising and animating the original formal railings.

Section of the final design.

Section of the final design.

Lara created a beautiful art installation along our external fence, transforming the approach to the school. She engaged the children in the process from design to completion, including visiting assemblies to show the work in progress and facilitating a visit to the studio for some children to see the individual pieces being made. As the creation was installed, more children were able to view the work first hand and appreciate the project growing.

We are all delighted with the result and the clever choice of materials ensures that we will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Thank you from the children, parents, staff and governors of Cromer Road School.
— Jude Stone, Headteacher, Cromer Road Primary School