Hendon Secondary School Gates


The headteacher at Hendon Secondary School was inspired by the East Barnet School gates and was keen to reflect the ethos of his school in a similarly energetic a provoking entrance for students, staff and visitors.

Students and staff were encouraged to take part in the design process, their suggestions shaping the content of the final design. The images incorporate subjects taught at the school and issues personal to the school’s community.

Each gate is waterjet cut in 12mm aluminium. The sheet material is powder coated and bolted within the gate frames.

The intricacy of the design and its decorative element create an absorbing focal point that lifts and inspires its environment.

We are delighted with the end result; Lara has created a dynamic, inspiring and unique gateway to our building that perfectly reflects the energy, diversity and ethos of this outstanding school.
— Kevin McKellar, Headteacher, Hendon School