Mill Park Art Frieze, a community lead design project, by Lara Sparey.  Mill Park, a community park, detail of the entrance panel.



As part of the renewal of the park a low-level border was needed to prevent debris from the main road littering the lawns and planted borders of the park.

The designs were inspired by sketches from ‘Mill Park Community Project’ (a steering group made up of local residence) and children from neighbouring primary and nursery schools. 

Details of the 100-metre long frieze, for Mill Park, Ely, Cardiff.

Details of the 100-metre long frieze, for Mill Park, Ely, Cardiff.

Each of the sixty routed high-density polyethylene panels are bolted to the existing railings and run the full 100-metre length of the park.

The designs illustrate some of the ongoing events held at the park and reflect the innate humour of the local people and their affection for this much-valued green space.

Working with Lara was a pleasure from the start - her communication skills won over the selection panel as well as her enthusiasm for her work and working with others.

She met with various stakeholders and consulted/ facilitated workshops with pupils, keeping good relationships with everyone at all times. Having done the research she developed the design proposal and presented that to a group of local adults and teenagers. During this meeting there was a lively discussion about the use of the Welsh language in the artwork (they thought there was too much of it) but Lara was not phased and supported me in gaining agreement and consensus to include some Welsh.

The final artwork is well-made and installed and is a beautiful and positive addition to Mill Park.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Lara again
— Mererid Velios – Founder of Celfwaith Arts Consultancy