Stonebridge Park forged steel railings, by Lara Sparey. Forged steel railings forming the entrance to Stonebridge Park recreation ground

Stonebridge Park Railings


The brief was to provide an entrance feature for the recreation ground at Stonebridge Park.

A series of art workshops were held during the summer holidays involving local children of all ages.

The children produced endless illustrations, the naïve drawings provided the perfect inspiration for the entrance.

Working directly from the enlarged sketches, each image was recreated in forged steel.

By the careful juxtaposition of each forged steel element, six lively and humorous entrance panels were created.

Enjoyed from both inside and outside the park, the captivating panels provide a marked contrast to the row of plain railings originally planned.

Such a great idea to have the young people work on this design project, they will be growing up in the area and are ultimately the future of Stonebridge.
— Valentine Egbe, resident of Stonebridge Park Estate
Marvellous design which reflects the enthusiasm and vitality of the children of Stonebridge.
— J.S. Ferguson. HAT Board