The Wall of Wonder is a large scale, moving spectacle at the heart of East Barnet Secondary School, a specialist technology school.

The brief was to create a large wall feature to celebrate the wonders of mechanics.

A design team of students across the school years was formed at the start of the project, and was involved in the design, assembly and installation of this major display.

The main wall is constructed from black and white high-density polyethylene sheet. The routed surface creates a bold graphic façade with colourful moving parts.

The wall also includes twelve windscreen wiper motors that power the cams, gears and levers. The moving parts swing, rotate, slide and drop, signalling the start and end of the school day.

Lara became involved with East Barnet School and the Design & Technology Student Design Team when designing the gates for our new school. This collaboration enabled students to be involved in the development of initial design ideas through to manufacture and installation. The creativity and innovation Lara brought to the project was inspiring and her final vision now graces the entrance to our school.

Lara has since become ‘Designer in residence’ at East Barnet School, working alongside students on design projects around the school. The ‘Wall of Wonder’ being a fantastic example of innovative and creative design with an educational emphasis. Lara liaised with the students, staff and the senior leadership team to explore ideas and create something that is stunning to see in action. She works extremely well with students from all years, continuing to devise exciting design projects as part of our enrichment program.

Lara is a fantastic asset to our school and encourages and enriches student’s lives through her projects as well as creating a vibrant environment to work in.
— Ian Jenkins, Head of Technology, East Barnet Secondary School